American Airlines Rebrand Effort

Screenshots of my work for the rebrand of American.

American Airlines flight search rebrand mockup American Airlines multi-city flight search rebrand mockup American Airlines rebrand detailsaa_archive7aa_archive8a aa_archive9a aa_archive10a

American Airlines Rebrand Effort

I’ve been working as a UX Visual Designer at American Airlines since November of 2011. Not long after I started the company announced that it was entering into Chapter 11 Bankruptcy. Obviously, at first we were nervous but in the end the filing lead to job security for most of us that work for Soon after the announce of a bankruptcy came the announcement of the rebrand effort. Futurebrand was hired to overhaul the American brand and with it came a new site. They came up with the initial homepage design and some of the GUI elements but the bulk of the site design and implementation was left to us. So the design team jumped right in and started creating concepts for the overhaul and that is what you see here. Everything from the booking path to our email campaign had to be redesigned. This is still a work in progress and some variations of my work can be seen throughout the site.


Date: March 15, 2013
Categories: UX Visual Design, Branding

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