American Airlines Award Map

One of a kind search tool for the AAdvantage program.

American Airlines Award Map

This is one of my biggest projects to date at American Airlines and I’m proud of how the first release turned out. The goal was to encourage customers to book flights using their miles weather they know where they want to go or not. For the first release the user can search available destinations based on a number of criteria including date, type of destination, and how many miles to use. The results show what destinations are available based on their criteria and also show destinations within 12.5k miles, allowing the user to buy miles in order to choose a destination that might otherwise be out of reach. In the future we would like to include features such as flexible dates and Frommer’s data as well.

What makes this tool one of a kind is the fact that it ties the search in to your account balance and, for that reason, the project is being submitted for a patent.


Date: March 15, 2013
Categories: Information Architecture, UX Visual Design, Branding

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