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Weekend update

Well I guess it was my birthday weekend. My birthday was last week but dad and Tyson were in town so we called it my birthday. We still celebrate birthdays like we’re kids. It’s the one day that’s just yours so you should do what you want. I got some wicked stuff. Tyson bought me some coffee and Tannerite (look it up on youtube!) and Ronna got me some much needed clothes. Dad bought me a new tool chest and mom got me a home screenprinting kit! Winning! Also, we cooked a whole (suckling) pig in the ground. It was hard work but it turned out pretty delicious. So here’s to 31 revolutions around the sun.

Thank You!

Those of you who helped us move, you know who you are but there will be Thank You notes in the mail in a day or two. We definitely couldn’t have done it without you no matter what you did. These are the postcards I designed and put together. Ronna and I are planning on writing the notes and addressing the envelopes tonight so hopefully we can get the cards in the mail tomorrow.

1804 Erwin Part Two

Well it seems I’m in the full swing of home ownership. Last night I mowed the lawn for the second time and I’ve even cleaned the gutters out already. We got some mulch for the flower beds the other day but we need more. In time we’ll get all those little things taken care of. I can already tell that we’re gonna need some fertilizer and/or weed killer. Dandelions are everywhere. Plans for a deck are in the making. Once I get my tax incentive I’ll include that in the things I want to do to the house. We’re still finding places for everything and we still have a garage full of junk but once all that is taken care of I’ll take some good interior pics for everyone to see.

1804 Erwin

Well I honestly never thought I would say this but I put an offer on a house today. It seems like my life is finally falling into place. It’s all happening at once and that’s ok but it’s actually happening. In 6 months I’ll be a dad and in 30 days if all goes well I’ll be a homeowner. We found a great little house near downtown Mckinney over a month ago and when I finally got in contact with a realtor we found out it had a contract on it. I was a little heartbroken because we had our hearts set on it. Well this past weekend I got a call from the realtor saying the contract had fallen through and that I needed to get my finances in order so I could make an offer. So I spent a few hours filling out paperwork and got it all submitted to a lender that specializes in VA and FHA loans. Long story short, I made an offer this morning. There’s still a chance that we might not get it, but I had to take that chance. It’s a great little house with an updated kitchen and bathrooms and a huge backyard for furbutt. We plan on growing a garden and maybe even getting a chicken or two. I’ll keep you posted here.