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Dribbble 3

I just realized I didn’t post the last Dribbble update. For those of you that don’t know, Dribbble is an invite-only site for designers to showcase what they’re working on. There a couple ways to get drafted that I know of and one is to post your submissions to Flickr and hope someone sees them and sends you an invite. Of course if you know someone that’s quicker. Well I don’t know anyone so you can understand my excitement when I finally got drafted. Someone found my work on Flickr and sent me an invite and now I’m an active member. I’ve only got a few followers but that’s ok. The more good work I do hopefully the more people will start to follow me. So I just thought I would pass that information on for all to enjoy. Here’s my profile.

Devil’s Dance

Here’s a poster I’ve been working on for an event in August. It’s to raise money for Bikers Against Road Rage and Bikers Against Child Abuse. There might still be some changes to the design but hopefully they’re minimal. Check it out over on dribbble.



Last night I went to a DSVC meeting to hear Aaron Draplin, of DDC, speak. I had a long day Tuesday and I wasn’t even sure I wanted to go see him yesterday but I’m sure glad I did. First off, I walk everyone is in the lobby drinking and chatting and he’s in the theater with one other guy so I decided to say hi. I ended up in a 30 minute conversation with one of my biggest inspirations. It didn’t hurt that I showed up with an Illustration (above) of him and his dog Gary. He was completely down to earth and humble and an all around good guy. Thank you Mr. Draplin.