Shovel Update

It’s hard to write this post but I wanted to put it out there anyway. Dad and I have been working pretty hard to get the Shovelhead running and on the road. We wanted to have it ready for the Just  Kickers rally a few weekends ago, but it just didn’t happen. So instead, dad stayed another week and we worked to get it back together and running pretty well. After he left I got it insured, inspected, and registered – all in a few days. Then on Tuesday the 14th, I was riding it around before putting it in the garage and ended up having a spill. There’s some pretty extensive construction going on right now on 75 and I hit some of it. On the access road near my house part of the road (in my opinion) was improperly marked. So I started to follow the barrels thinking the road was curving towards the right and, sure enough, I ended up in the dirt. I walked away with some road rash and a pretty sore shoulder but overall I think I’m good. The bike will need some repairs and I’ve already filed a claim with Progressive (who, by the way was awesome). Obviously, it could have been worse and I shouldn’t complain about wrecking my back up Harley but it’s pretty frustrating to have a bike “finished” then back on the repair stand in a week but that’s the way it goes. I’ve already got ideas for it’s next round so stay tuned. As soon as I get the claim check I’m ordering parts!

Harley FXE 2

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