Monthly Archives: May 2013

New Work

I’ve been plugging away lately at getting my work section updated. We’re going through a merger and rebrand right now so everyone in the UX department at American Airlines has been pretty busy. Some of the stuff in the work section is just for mockup but some of my work has gone into production too. Check it out some of the rebrand stuff here and have a look at Award Map too!


Disclaimer: I did not design the new American Airlines logo, I just use in my comps. 

Shovel Update

It’s hard to write this post but I wanted to put it out there anyway. Dad and I have been working pretty hard to get the Shovelhead running and on the road. We wanted to have it ready for the Just  Kickers rally a few weekends ago, but it just didn’t happen. So instead, dad stayed another week and we worked to get it back together and running pretty well. After he left I got it insured, inspected, and registered – all in a few days. Then on Tuesday the 14th, I was riding it around before putting it in the garage and ended up having a spill. There’s some pretty extensive construction going on right now on 75 and I hit some of it. On the access road near my house part of the road (in my opinion) was improperly marked. So I started to follow the barrels thinking the road was curving towards the right and, sure enough, I ended up in the dirt. I walked away with some road rash and a pretty sore shoulder but overall I think I’m good. The bike will need some repairs and I’ve already filed a claim with Progressive (who, by the way was awesome). Obviously, it could have been worse and I shouldn’t complain about wrecking my back up Harley but it’s pretty frustrating to have a bike “finished” then back on the repair stand in a week but that’s the way it goes. I’ve already got ideas for it’s next round so stay tuned. As soon as I get the claim check I’m ordering parts!

Harley FXE 2

New Site

Welcome to the new! I’ve been working pretty hard to get the site updated and a little more modern. Most people won’t notice, but it’s fully responsive to it will work on your phone or iPad. The portfolio has been updated but more is to come. I’ve got plenty of American Airlines work left to add. I’ve also updated the About page with a new Family section that includes some pics of the babies. Have a look around and leave me a note with your thoughts.

This site is responsive!