Update – Straight Shooters North America

I wanted to give everyone an update about my project real quick. I was having some issues with Kickstarter and Amazon payments but it’s all worked out now thanks to a pretty efficient customer service organization. So now I’m back on track and plan to actually launch the Kickstarter project tonight. When I get home I’ll shoot a quick video for the kickstarter page and then it’s launch time. I worked this weekend on one of the next designs for shirts and finally decided the “Knucklehead” design will be next. Just need to get the screen burned and get to work! In the mean time check out some mockups I put together and see my thrown-together press in the garage.

“Made In USA” shirt in Tan, and “Knucklehead” shirt in Steel.

“Made In USA” shirt in Steel, and “Straight Shooters Logo” shirt in Earth.

Look at that setup!

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