Monthly Archives: September 2010

Sawyer Graham Boyd

Mothers lock your daughters up. The kid is here. Sawyer Graham Boyd came into this world quietly at 2 PM this afternoon at September 10th. Weighing in at 9lb 12oz and 22in long he’s gonna be a contender. Ronna did really well and the whole thing seemed to be over in 15 minutes.

Waiting – Part II

Things are going pretty swell right now. She’s sound asleep for the first time since we got here yesterday afternoon so that’s good news. They broke her water around 6 this morning and not long after that her contractions got pretty strong so she asked for the epidural. Now she’s much more comfortable and pain-free. The blood pressure and blood sugar have both stabilized and everything is looking good. At the last check she was dilated to 6cm and still 80% effaced. She has a catheter now so she doesn’t get up every 15 minutes. The nurse we have right now is awesome so that helps. The bottom line right now: she’s resting comfortably and we’re still waiting. Sorry no pics this time.


Well it seems it’s finally time. I didn’t realize how long it’s been until this afternoon, but we’re about to have a baby. Well not right now but in the morning they’re starting the induction. We went in this afternoon for our regular checkup and the doc looked at Ronna’s blood pressure numbers from this past week (we’ve been recording them) and decided it would be safest if we went ahead and scheduled an early induction. So we went across the street to Labor and Delivery at Baylor Dallas and got admitted. So now we’re in our room and waiting. The plan, as long as everything stays normal, is to start the induction around 3 tomorrow morning. They’ve started an IV drip with something to help keep the blood pressure down and they’re checking blood and urine for signs of stress to her vitals. The baby is moving and carrying on as he usually does. He had the hiccups earlier. His little heart is beating strong and fast and he’s doing just fine. So now we’re just waiting and I’ll keep everyone posted as soon as get more information. As I publish this I realize it’s midnight. See you in a few hours.

Just for Fun: According to the sonogram tech the baby is up to 9lbs 3oz but they admit that number runs a little high. My bet is 8lb 14oz. Comment on this post with the amount you think the baby will be when he comes out.