Tyson – Part 4

I write this post today with mixed emotions. I’m glad to be back in Texas; I missed Ronna and Odie, but I wish I could be there with Ty and mom and dad. I had to leave Saturday in order to get back and get ready for work today. Since I left Miami quite a lot has changed. Tyson was moved from his ICU bed to a bed upstairs in what they call mini-ICU. This move is not without it’s ups and downs. On the upside, he knows he’s not in ICU which is good for him mentally. He knows now he’s on the long road to recovery. The downside is that there isn’t a nurse by his side 24/7 like there was in ICU.
I had to leave the hospital at 10 Saturday morning to make it to the airport. Mom said they moved him upstairs at around 11 and he was able to sit up in a chair for nearly 2 hours before it became too uncomfortable. The physical therapist visited on Saturday to assess and also started the first round of exercise. He’s moving his legs and feet and starting to work on his mobility. The second big thing to happen on Saturday was the visit from the dietitian. Before lunch they decided to start him on liquids to see how his body would react to having something in his stomach again. So his first meal after the accident was Jell-O and broth. He told me on the phone Sunday that was the best meal he’d ever eaten. So he’s back on foods and that’s a good sign. Mom told me today that he was able to eat a real breakfast. Oatmeal, French Toast and Corn Flakes. Mom said he ate a little bit of each. He’s supposed to be going to the gym with the physical therapist today so I’ll post on that more tomorrow. We’re fully aware of how hard this is going to be but I think we’re off to a good start for now.
I plan on doing an illustration to show his injuries and how they fixed them soon so stay tuned.

PS: Thanks to everyone who left a message for him and us. We appreciate all the kind words and well wishes.

One thought on “Tyson – Part 4

  1. Homer Ann Hooper said:

    Thanks for the update Josh. I check daily to see what is going on. Glad you are back in Texas but I know you feel bad not being with Tyson and your Mom and Dad. Praying for Tyson’s recovery and the strength to withstand what he is going through. Love to all.

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