Tyson – Part 3: Attacked by Ninjas

First off, I appreciate all the well wishes from friends and family. Though he has a long road ahead of him, Tyson is doing better. He’s still in and out but the nurses are able to move him more and more now that his pelvis is stabilized. He took some more blood last night and I think that helped. He’s taking in and putting out more and more fluids as well. Yesterday he was asking for Morphine and getting it every two hours. Now it’s more like 4-6 hours. I know that he’s still in pain and will be for a long time but he’s already doing better. We’re still working out the logistics of getting back to Texas so who knows when that will be but the staff here is great. That’s a lot more than I can say for the locals. I miss the friendly state.
I haven’t gotten a smile out of him yet, but he’s still pretty aware. Sometimes he has his eyes closed but it seems he’s always listening. Here’s a list of things he’s said in the last couple days.

  1. “It feels like I’m being attacked by Ninjas every time they do that.” – referring to when the nurses roll him over  to move pillows around
  2. “Potassium is the devil.” –  because the nurse said the potassium might sting a little when going through the IV and into his arm
  3. “They beat me when you’re not here” – explaining why he’s so sore

5 thoughts on “Tyson – Part 3: Attacked by Ninjas

  1. Bubba & Rachel said:

    Tyson we are praying for your speedy recovery and for your family getting you back home! Let us know if there is anything we can do!

    Bubba and Rachel

  2. David said:

    I’m glad he is doing better. Other than when they beat him when you aren’t there.

  3. Vivian said:

    We’re praying for all of you. Let you mom know if she wants to talk, feel free to call anytime.
    Vivian and Jim

  4. Homer Ann Hooper said:

    Lark, Katy, and I are praying for your speedy recovery. Take care sweetie and don’t let the Ninjas get ya.

    Thanks Josh for the updates. I will check everyday on Ty’s progress. Take care. Congratulations on the baby boy and the new house. My grandson, Ely Cruse (Cruse or Super Cruse) will be five months old on the 12th. He is truly a blessing and such a sweet baby in addition to being gorgeous. Take care and tell your Dad and Mom “HI!”.

  5. Rachel Rodriguez said:

    Sorry to hear about Tyson. We are praying for your family and expecting the best!

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