Sonny Bryan’s

(I didn’t have my camera so the crappy iPhone pics will have to suffice)

It’s been a while since I’ve posted because I’ve been pretty busy. I’m getting ready to close on a house and all my time has been going towards getting ready for that. We had an uneventful garage sale last weekend and have been packing too.

That being said, the real reason for this post is: Sonny Bryan’s Smokehouse. The original one. If you know me you know I’m a little bit of a BBQ snob. I make my own sauce, I have a good grill, and I usually can’t stand other people’s BBQ. So if I say a BBQ place is good, you can believe it. As soon as you walk in you know this place is not your average restaurant. No waitresses, no indoor restrooms, this place specializes in food. The atmosphere was “quaint” or “cozy” or any other word you want to use for tiny. It was a kitchen and some schoolhouse style seats inside and picnic tables outside. Ribs are not supposed to “fall off the bone” which seems to be a qualifier for most people when they’re eating BBQ. I want my ribs to taste smoked and have some flavor and texture and that’s exactly how they were at Sonny Bryan’s. All I had was ribs but next time I’ll try Brisket or sausage and see how it is. So there you have it, my official review of Sonny Bryan’s Smokehouse.

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