1804 Erwin

Well I honestly never thought I would say this but I put an offer on a house today. It seems like my life is finally falling into place. It’s all happening at once and that’s ok but it’s actually happening. In 6 months I’ll be a dad and in 30 days if all goes well I’ll be a homeowner. We found a great little house near downtown Mckinney over a month ago and when I finally got in contact with a realtor we found out it had a contract on it. I was a little heartbroken because we had our hearts set on it. Well this past weekend I got a call from the realtor saying the contract had fallen through and that I needed to get my finances in order so I could make an offer. So I spent a few hours filling out paperwork and got it all submitted to a lender that specializes in VA and FHA loans. Long story short, I made an offer this morning. There’s still a chance that we might not get it, but I had to take that chance. It’s a great little house with an updated kitchen and bathrooms and a huge backyard for furbutt. We plan on growing a garden and maybe even getting a chicken or two. I’ll keep you posted here.

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