Record Snow

It’s hard to tell from this pic of Odie, but we actually broke a record in DFW today. I don’t know what the previous record was but, as I type this at 10:43, DFW airport received 9.5 inches of snow and it’s supposed to fall for another hour or two. I’m in Mckinney about 50 miles from the airport and I think we got almost that as well. I plan to get up in the morning and take some more pics while it’s nice and pristine. I got up early this morning and started getting ready for work only to realize that the roads were probably going to be too bad to drive. After talking to the boss I decided to work from home and they ended up closing the office at noon. It’s wild here, it doesn’t even look like Texas. If you look out the back porch you’ll see what looks like some sort of Kincaid postcard. Except it’s real. Anyway, keep an eye out for more pics.

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