Plan B

This is the start of a new month and, for Ronna and I, a new life. I found out on Thursday after much anticipation that my beautiful girlfriend Ronna is five weeks pregnant. I haven’t told everyone just yet, but a lot of the family knows and it should start to trickle down to everyone in the following days. Plan A was to get married someday and buy a house and have kids sometime after all that. Apparently, nature doesn’t care about our plans. So we’re going with Plan B. I’m ok with Plan B even though I’m not ready. I’ve been told by many a wiser man that you’re never ready so I’ve kept that in mind. Both of my parents told me they thought I would be a great father and, given their reputations as parents, I take it as a huge compliment. So with this post and these events I start the next chapter in my life. I’m ready to close the last chapter anyway so it works out. Pay close attention to this site because I plan to make a section solely dedicated to Plan B. In the meantime I would like to thank the following:

  • Both of my amazing parents for understanding and offering words of wisdom and advice.
  • My friends for all the advice.
  • Dr. Vega, Ronna’s diabetes doctor for setting our minds at ease and answering our questions.

One thought on “Plan B

  1. Mom-Becki said:

    Josh – You have been a blessing to my life from the moment of conception and such an amazing person. It has not been hard to be your Mom because you have brought me joy, laughter and love. As you and Ronna embark on Plan B – I have no doubt you are going to be excellent parents and Gods blessings will be with you on this journey. I love you both – Mom

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