Traders Village


I had a pretty busy weekend I must say. Mom came to town Friday night so we could have our Christmas. I’m going to Dad’s in Mississippi so I won’t get to see mom. I had a good time with her. We cruised around downtown Mckinney and then had dinner at Ronna’s house. It was a good Saturday and I’m glad I got to see her. Sunday was an adventure all it’s own. My buddy Pat buys a certain kind of BBQ spice and the whole gamut is only available at a certain place so we had to make the trek to Grand Prairie this morning. That’s right I said Grand Prairie, the armpit of the Metroplex. The weather was decent so we rode the bikes down to Traders Village to get the spices. I’ve been there before but not in a long time so I had forgotten about everything. You can buy anything. Dogs. Tires for your truck. 500 dollar 4-wheelers. Sombreros. You name it. If you’ve got enough money you can change your name. So we got the spices and hit the road almost without a hitch. I hope everyone had a good weekend.

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