Someone at the office was showing pictures of their dog and I ended up showing off some of my pics of Odie. Well the new girl Stephanie told me that Odie looks just like her mom’s new dog Ruby who is also a Basset Hound Blue Heeler mix. Then she asked how old Odie was and I told her about 9 months and she said that’s how old Ruby is. She then told me her mom got Ruby from someone north of Denton. I got Odie from an organization in Lewisville but he originally came from somewhere in or near Gainesville, which is north of Denton.

Then she sent me these pics and I’m almost positive they’re related.

One thought on “Ruby

  1. Davin said:

    I feel like I havent seen Odie or yourself in forever. I have wasted most of my working morning catching up. I feel like I should send you the few pictures of the Odes dog that I have.

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