Johnny Cupcakes

I’ve been following the brand Johnny Cupcakes recently and I’m pretty impressed. This guy started a brand almost as a joke and now he’s a millionaire with a cult following. People wait in line overnight outside his stores in Boston and L.A. for his limited run shirts. To me that’s not what makes him successful though. I think his success is wholly based on his relationship with his customer base. He shows up at product releases and meets people, he gives away things and most importantly he involves his people. He’s made enough money to allow his parents to quit their jobs and work for him and he seems to stay pretty grounded. My point is that I finally broke down and bought a shirt. They’re way pricey, but I don’t regret it. Mine was 35 bucks but it came carefully wrapped and in a cool box. They also sent a little ziploc of small goodies. I hope to someday come up with something this awesome. He’s definitely an inspiration to the marketing and design world.

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