Well Dad left this morning and I hate to see him go. I don’t get to see him enough and I miss him. The silver lining is that we got to hang out for a few days. Tyson was here too and we all had a good time while we could. Saturday morning we had breakfast at Bill Smith’s in Mckinney and hit the road for a cold October ride on the bikes. I’ll be honest, the ride was not that much fun. The zipper on my riding jacket is busted so I just had on some light layers and a sweatshirt. I froze my ass off. Tuesday I didn’t go to work because my shoulder is messed up and I went to the doctor. Dad and I ended up working on the motorcycle. Some of my most vivid memories are of Dad and I working on things or building stuff. I remember listening to Eric Clapton on the roof of a house he was roofing. I can only imagine what his customers thought when he brought his kids to work and then put em on the roof with him but I always had fun doing that. I remember working on old cars and him building the fort that used to be in the backyard. I wish we were in the same town so we could build a motorcycle together. I love you Dad.

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