Hit the road this weekend to unplug a little. Ronna and I drove up to Eisenhower State Park on Lake Texoma Saturday and had us a pretty good little time. Camped out and cooked and drank some beer. The little hound dog was in his element too and I think he enjoyed it as much as we did. We forgot a bunch of stuff but we did allright. The campsite was in a pretty good spot because we were on a curve and our neighbors were far enough away that we couldn’t hear em.

Top Ten of Camptober:

  1. Spending time with Ronna and Odie
  2. Having less than what you need
  3. No noise pollution
  4. No light pollution
  5. Sitting by the fire
  6. Cooking over the fire
  7. No TV
  8. No radio
  9. This view
  10. No traffic

If you wanna unplug for the weekend, head up to Eisenhower State Park. It’s just west of Denison and worth the 45 minute drive it takes to get there from the metroplex.

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